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Pittsburgh Photography – Prints Available for Purchase

This post is a conglomeration of some of my best pictures of the Pittsburgh area, pulled together for quick reference for anyone looking to purchase photos.

If there are any shots in this group that you would like to order prints of, please contact me:

Names are listed below each shot, for easier reference when contacting me.

All photos Copyright TakeBackRoads and Scott Berney, 2013 – current

Pittsburgh downtown point park the point
Downtown Pittsburgh in the Evening – Fall


coal barges ohio river downtow pittsburgh west end bridge
Coal Barges at Blue Hour


downtown pittsburgh north shore northside highway ramps light trails
Northside Ramps at Night
Convention Center from the Bridge
railyard pittsburgh railroad trains golden hour
Pittsburgh Railyard at Golden Hour
downtown pittsburgh blue hour lights at night
Downtown at Blue Hour
reflection of sunset and clouds in windows
That Mirror Building on Grandview
Piazza Lavoro pittsburgh north shore northside downtown skyline framed
Piazza Lavoro on the North Shore
Washington negotiate statue pittsburgh downtown hdr
Washington Statue, Pittsburgh
pittsburgh rainbow bridge lights downtown
Warhol Bridge at Night
pittsburgh downtown evening coal barge faded
Iconic Coal Barge
downtown pittsburgh ohio river sunny fall day steelers game gateway clipper
Gateway Clipper Docks at Heinz Field // Steeler Game on a Sunny Fall Afternoon (you pick which title you like more!)
boat pittsburgh ohio river
The Lone Boat
sunrise at hot metal bridge pittsburgh
Hot Metal Sunrise
Smithfield St Bridge Pittsburgh color
Smithfield Arches – Color
Smithfield St bridge arches pittsburgh black and white
Smithfield Arches – Black & White
Smithfield St Bridge Downtown Pittsburgh black and white
Smithfield Frames Downtown – also available in color
bouquet on smithfield street bridge downtown pittsburgh
Downtown bouquet (found this boutonniere in this exact spot that afternoon as I was walking around taking pictures. I’m STILL curious about the back story…)
Pittsburgh River Walk North Shore Trail
Clemente Bridge and Downtown Pittsburgh
clemente bridge pittsburgh brake light trail
Clemente Light Trails 1
brake light trail on the clemente bridge downtown pittsburgh
Clemente Light Trails 2


moon PPG building fort pitt bridge downtown pittsburgh
The Moon and PPG (also available in black and white)
moonrise ppg building fort pitt bridge pittsburgh
Moonrise over PPG
moon over ppg tower fort pitt bridge pittsburgh
Spire Moon
full moon ppg building fort pitt bridge pittsburgh
Full Tilt
full moon pittsburgh ppg building fort pitt bridge exit sign north shore
Exit Now
full moon rise pittsburgh ppg building
Alignment Issues
moon fort pitt bridge downtown pittsburgh
Eye See You (This one looks like the eyeball of an angry Transformer to me…)
full moon fort pitt bridge pittsburgh
Truss Moon
Full moon fort pitt bridge ppg building pittsburgh
70C and me
pittsburgh downtown skyline blue sky blue water river bridges plants
City in Blue

Either one of these shots is available for purchase!

Gateway clipper pittsburgh sunset city skyline
Gateway Clipper at Sunset
Gateway Clipper city of Pittsburgh sunset
coal barge ohio river pittsburgh fort pitt bridge
Coal Barge at Night
pittsburgh downtown tower viewer binocular scope
City from a hill


Copyright TakeBackRoads and Scott Berney, 2013 – current




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    1. Chef Mike, I have no idea how I approved your comment but never replied to it! I’m so sorry! Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed my photos!


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