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The Sausage Sage Travel Page – Introductions

We are embarking on a brand new branch of Take Back Roads:  The Sausage Sage Page.  The Sausage Sage, a YouTube travel channel created by my college roommate “Hot Dog Tim” Tobitsch, is dedicated to Tim’s on-going journey to try hot dogs in each of America’s 50 states.

While some of Tim’s journeys will not directly involve back roads, I am greatly intrigued by the idea and applaud him for his creative and unique vision.  When we first discussed it over lunch, I immediately offered to help in any way that I could.  The easiest option I could think of was to embed his videos within posts on Take Back Roads and to go from there.

What you are viewing is the first step in that process.  The video linked above provides a concise introduction to the 50 Franks / Sausage Sage concept, and the one below is a more general introduction to who Tim is.

Why create the Sausage Sage Page?

The idea is simple enough:  We want to help our friends’ endeavors grow and thrive.  It’s a natural reaction and a big part of who we are as humans.  We want to help each other.

The Sausage Sage / 50 Franks 50 States idea grabbed my attention immediately because of the natural travel connection between his concept and mine.  Though the ideas are completely different in many ways, they share a foundational core:  to venture outside of our comfort zone and, through travel and exploration, discover new and different experiences.

The Sausage Sage Travel Page

I’m working with Tim to develop the best way to display his work here on Take Back Roads.  He is currently releasing new 50 Franks 50 States videos approximately once a month.  My idea is to simply create a brief written intro for each video, embed the video in a post, and publish it.

The posts will all be filed under The Sausage Sage Travel Page, and also can be found under Travel Blogs, Organized by Region.  We’ve also talked briefly about working together on a website, Facebook page, and other social media forms for Tim as well.

No matter what format we use, I’m excited for the opportunity to work together with Tim!  Once we settle on how to structure things, I will begin embedding and posting his travel videos.

In the interim, be sure to follow all of Tim’s hot dog adventures on Instagram and YouTube!

50 franks 50 states hot dog travel challenge


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