Road Trip Playlist – Our Favorite Driving and Travel Songs

Are you taking a road tripCommuting to work in silence?  Meandering along the back roads with no good radio stations nearby?  Do you crave excellent driving music?

If you are looking for songs to listen to whenever you are driving, we have the resource for you.  Regardless of where or why you are travelling, it’s always nice to have good music as your companion.  Even if you have other people riding along with you, it’s helpful to have a pleasant upbeat song to keep your energy high – and if you’re by yourself, to sing along with at the top of your lungs!

A two lane back road stretches off in the distance towards sandy desert mountains
…On the Road Again…

Travel Songs – Our Favorite Road Trip Music

I’ve put together a playlist on Spotify of some of my own favorite travel songs.  The characteristics are pretty simple.  Of course, songs that are travel or driving themed were the first ones to be included.  Beyond that, though, I like to have music that is upbeat, repetitive, and generally easy to listen to.  If it’s well-known and easy to sing along with, or most people that are riding along in the car with you would know it – all the better!

You’ll notice that virtually all of the songs are older – classic rock, southern rock, and country in particular.  This is partially a reflection of my own taste in music, but also a nod to an era where road trips and driving were a huge part of life.  The 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s were years of great prosperity in America, which was reflected by the boom in driving and travelling.  More and more people owned cars, and more of them were taking longer road trips with their families.

These themes of travel, freedom, and car culture are also woven into the songs that made the list.  But the most important feature is that these songs are energetic and fun, songs that you most likely can sing along to.  There are a few included that appear to have no connection to travel whatsoever – but I promise you, in most cases, there’s at least one travel reference of some sort in virtually every song on the list!  Can you figure them out?

A white Harley Davidson sits on the shoulder of a broad country road under a brilliant blue sky.
No sense in fibbing – I often ride with headphones in so I can still listen to my music

The Road Trip Music Playlist

With over 130 different songs from over 60 different artists, the Road Trip Music playlist clocks in at just over 9 hours long!  That’s enough music to cover your entire work day AND your commute home!  So leave it on in the background while you’re at work, and pull us up in the car (before you leave, of course!) for the ride home.

There are plenty of great tunes to listen to while cruisin’ on down the road – so feel free to roll your windows down, crank your (Bluetooth) radio up, and get out there and drive!

If your favorite driving song didn’t make the list, please don’t be shy!  Tell us about it in the comments below – and please, don’t forget to share this page!

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