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The Sausage Sage – Hot Dogs of the Midwest

In this installment of hot dog travel videos by our friends at The Sausage Sage, Tim ventures to several states in the Northern section of the American Midwest.  Over the past several months, Tim has eaten hot dogs and sausages in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota and Oklahoma.  Videos from each are found below!

As always, Tim is on the quest for the most interesting hot dogs in America!

The Search for America’s Hot Dog Culture

50 franks 50 states hot dog travel challenge: the quest for America's best hot dogs

As you may recall, The Sausage Sage is a video series started by my college roommate Tim Tobitsch.  Tim’s goal is to try a hot dog or sausage – or several, to be exact – in every state in America.  In addition, Tim is also creating monthly videos called “Mustard Moments,” in which he chats with guests about a hot dog’s favorite condiment.  Keep your eyes peeled – you might see someone you recognize in an upcoming Mustard Moments video!

On with the show!

Colorado:  German Hot Dogs and Exotic Sausages in Denver

In this installment of Sausage Sage travel, Tim flies to Denver based on a tip about an excellent hot dog cart in the city.  Never one to miss an opportunity, Tim also travels to a German beer garden, interviews some local hot dog enthusiasts, and hits up a couple other local joints.  He tries sausages and franks made from several different exotic game meats.

Michigan:   Coney Island Hot Dog Wars in Detroit

The Sausage Sage takes a road trip to Detroit, Michigan, where two iconic hot dog shoppes standing side by side on Lafayette Boulevard have battled for superiority over the past 100 years. American Coney Island? Lafayette Coney Island? Who has the edge?  There’s only one way to find out!  Featuring Mary Purrazzo with special guest Lincoln Franklin Loxfoot (the dog!).

Minnesota:  a Minneapolis Hot Dog Road Trip

The Sausage Sage and his wife Mary take a day trip to Minneapolis to soak in hot dog culture in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Stops include The Depot Tavern, The Wienery, and NateDogs… home of one of the best hot dogs Tim has ever had!

Blue sky and green grass surround the hot dog cart and menu board of Natedog's in Minneapolis
Natedog’s unassuming hot dog cart in Minneapolis, MN: home of one of the best hot dogs Tim has ever eaten!

North Dakota:  Massive Hot Dogs at the DogMahal

The Sausage Sage passes through North Dakota while on a road trip to Winnipeg and stops to check out DogMahal DogHaus in Grand Forks. North Dakota may be flat and sparsely populated, but the interior of DogMahal more than makes up for the lack of sites on the open road. More importantly, one never know where a great hot dog might turn up, and North Dakota exceeded expectations.

Oklahoma:  Delicious Franks in Middle America

The Sausage Sage makes his maiden voyage to Oklahoma City to discover hot dog culture in the heart of the Midwest. Stops include Coney Island, Mutts, and Anchor Down – one of the most unique and unusual hot dog venues yet…. re-purposed shipping containers!  Homemade Maple Mustard and Vegan corn dogs?  Only in Oklahoma!

Red shipping containers are now home to Anchor Down hot dog shoppe in Oklahoma City
The re-purposed shipping containers at Anchor Down, in Oklahoma City (OK Sea… OKC… get it?)
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