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while traveling on the back roads of America!

The intent of Take Back Roads is to create a forum where people can read, write, share, and learn about each others’ adventures while driving the back roads of our great country.

cars and motorcycles travel through the mountains on a scenic back road
Travelers enjoy the panoramic scenery of the back roads in Colorado

What is a Back Road?

This is such a great question!  I could lie to you and say I get asked this question all the time.  The reality is, virtually everyone comes in with their own preconceived notions about what back roads are (or are not!).  Chances are, if you’ve found this website, you already have a pretty good idea in your mind what a back road is.

Which leaves me to define what I consider a back road.  To put it plainly, a back road is not the interstate!  When putting together road trip plans, or when chatting with people about travel, I try really hard not to limit myself to unnecessarily complicated definitions.  For the sake of simplicity, if it’s not the interstate, it can qualify as a back road!

Beyond that, though, the most important characteristic of back roads travel is the ability to easily experience the unique characteristics that make up and define a region.  Whether it’s

or any of the other interesting things people seek out when traveling, taking back roads is the easiest and most enjoyable way to have the best trip possible!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Traveling:  

We are all aware that the novel Coronavirus has impacted daily life for nearly everyone on Earth.  Recreational travel and tourism in particular have suffered significantly as a result.  As countries begin to exit quarantine and loosen restrictions on travel, people are looking for new ways to take trips safely – in particular, road trips are now seen as a safer alternative to flying.

More specifically, and more than ever before, greater numbers of Americans are seeking out the serenity and isolation of back roads, small towns, and rural America.  Take Back Roads is here to help you on this quest!  With extensive experience traveling the back roads of America and Europe (and even a little bit in Costa Rica!) since 2013, we have a significant database of resources to dive into to find road trip ideas, travel resources, and detailed how-to posts to help you navigate the wonderful world of back road driving!  Heck, we even put together an extensive road trip playlist!

Planning Road Trips during the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you would rather have us do the work for you, we are happy to plan your next road trip!  We will work together with you, plotting out maps and finding highly rated accommodations and activities along the way that you can safely experience as you travel the country!  Click the link to find out more details.  

Stay Safe and Travel Well!

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