Welcome to Take Back Roads, where you will discover authentic American experiences, one back road at a time.  Our intent is to create a forum where people can read, write, share, and learn about each others’ experiences exploring the back roads of our great country.  It matters not what form of transportation you use to take a back road, only that you get out there.  Everyone is welcome here!

We invite you to take a little bit of time learning about the history & motivation of our website and how you too can become a contributor.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  And make sure to share our page with your friends.

In addition, if you see a picture on any of these pages that strikes a chord with you, please know that you can find a format to have it to hang on your wall.  We have a Prints category to feature some of our favorite photographs, but anything you see is available.  Let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll work something out for you!

Once you’ve done all that, begin to peruse the posts about trips – they are organized by state or region – pick from the list of categories on the sidebar.  As Delmer says, “Come on in, boys, the water’s fine”

Roadside view along one of my favorite local rides


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