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The Truth about Riding Motorcycles

  This blog was prompted, believe it or not, by a troll commenter on Harley-Davidson’s Facebook page.  This particular fellow was egging on Harley riders by posting pictures of his lime-green sport motorcycle, boasting about how it outperformed a Harley in every way imaginable:  better acceleration, better handling, better brakes… on and on. He might… Continue reading The Truth about Riding Motorcycles

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The Drive to Myrtle: Heading Home

Daily life is, in general, pretty mundane. Ask the average adult what they were doing in June of 1998, and you’ll likely be met with blank stares, occasional chin-scratching, and something that sounds a lot like “Uuuhhhhhh….” Even vacation, though certainly more interesting and often more exciting than everyday life, still often falls short of… Continue reading The Drive to Myrtle: Heading Home

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528 to Foxburg

Words cannot describe last night’s ride.  I’m going to try, but I’m sure I’m going to fail miserably.  The ride cam wasn’t set up, but even if it had been, I’ve not been thrilled with it lately so I don’t know how good of pictures I would’ve gotten.  One final caveat – I’ve been proclaiming this… Continue reading 528 to Foxburg