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The Road Trip from Heck: our first unpleasant back roads experience

Our first … gasp … unpleasant experience while taking a trip on back roads!

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The Drive to Myrtle: Heading South

I love virtually everything about the beach. I love the constant crash of the waves. I love the soft grittiness of the sand between my toes. I love the salty warmth of the air, almost thick and heavy and full of saline moisture. I love the prickly heat of the sun, and the explosively colorful… Continue reading The Drive to Myrtle: Heading South

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NYC, Cape Cod, and Connecticut

OK, so I deviated from my own standards on several fronts with the map above.  First and foremost, it’s not an exact replica of our trip into downtown Manhattan – GoogleMaps is not capable of creating a map using multiple types of transportation (driving, walking, and public transportation – all of which we used).  This… Continue reading NYC, Cape Cod, and Connecticut