Two Year Jeepiversary

Like everything in my life, I’m a day late and a dollar short with this post, but it’s better late than never.  Yesterday was the two year anniversary of the day I bought my Jeep.  This may seem relatively trivial to you, but as a Jeep owner, I can attest to the fact that owning a Jeep is very much akin to a healthy marriage:  It has its ups and downs, it requires a lot of work and a good deal of investment, but with a little ingenuity and commitment, it will be incredibly fulfilling and insanely enjoyable.

Similar to riding a motorcycle, driving a Jeep is an easy way to turn driving into one of your favorite parts of the experience of traveling.


By the numbers:

Name – Mr Potatohead
Date of purchase – October 31st, 2014
Mileage at the time of purchase – 65,230
Mileage at the end of yesterday – 96,993
Mileage put on during the first two years – 31,763
Average miles per year – 15,881.5 (that’s on top of the 5,000 or so per year I put on the Harley!)
State of Origin – Alaska
State where I purchased her – North Carolina
Number of states we’ve driven through together – 12
Number of times she’s been stuck in the mud – 2
Number of times she’s been stuck in the snow – 0
Deepest water crossing she’s made – 32″
Deepest mud crossing she’s made (without getting stuck) – 26″

As stated above, I bought the Jeep at a used car dealership in Havelock, North Carolina.  After nearly five months of online searches and over a week of negotiations, I flew one way on Friday the 31st, took the Jeep for a short test ride, then signed the paperwork and handed them my check!  Because I was so close to the coast, I drove her 20 minutes further south to Atlantic Beach to have a celebratory oceanside dinner at the Crab’s Claw.

That whole evening was an unbelievably exciting experience, having just flown south and bought a vehicle I have long-desired, then driven it to the coast for a beachside dinner.  The spontaneity of the dinner was an exhilarating foreshadow the years to follow!

Here are just a few (OK, quite a few) pictures from the past two years of the enjoyment I’ve derived from owning Mr Potatohead.  Here’s to many more enjoyable years to come!

The first picture I ever took, on the day I bought her
The first of many “out the window” pictures, taken while crossing the bay to get to Atlantic Beach and that first Oceanside dinner “together”
Always good to have Jeepin’ buddies!

Speaking of Jeepin buddies:


What more could a man hope for?
Tackling 8″ of the white stuff (off-road) without breaking a sweat




Like any good marriage, having a Jeep means constantly performing maintenance and forking over hard-earned money to make upgrades!


What good is having a Jeep if you can’t get it dirty??


Jeep lumber.jpg
The epitome of a utility vehicle!


Some glam shots:

Enjoying the breeze!


And last but most definitely not least, the beautiful view from the Jeep:


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