Basics of Ordering Prints from TBR


Please note – this page is a running draft that’s being updated as things change.

For now, I’m setting up photo print pages using mostly unedited versions of the pictures in the interest of getting things up and running in time for you to be able to order and receive your prints by Christmas.  Pictures will be edited to provide the highest quality print possible; however, if you wish to retain the unedited format, please specify this.

Base prices and formats will be added and updated on this page.  If you would like to order a picture, choose the size and format.  This will provide you with basic pricing.  If you have additional options you would like for us to consider (such as black and white, sepia, etc), let me know and I’ll provide updated pricing (if needed).  Email your order, and please provide an address where you would like it to be shipped.

If there is a particular photo on one of the blogs that you would like to have a print from, please let me know, including style and format.  NOTE: – the vast majority of the blog pictures were taken using a cell phone, and thus would not be a good fit for larger print options.  If there’s one in particular you’re interested in, email me and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

In addition, if there is a particular picture on either my Facebook or Instagram feed that you absolutely love, it too is available to be made into a print!  Just let me know which one(s) you like!

If you have questions, or there’s a particular print you would like to request, please email me.


(Please note – not all picture formats will work for all sizes.  If not noted on particular pictures, email us and we’ll let you know what will work best using your desired format)

All size measurements are in inches.  Prices given are starting prices for regular photo prints, unframed.  Matte or glossy finish available.  Shipping is not included in prices.

  • 4×6 – $0.75 / print
  • 5×7 – $1.00 / print
  • 8×10 – $3.50 / print
  • 11×14 – $9 / print
  • 12×18- $13 / print
  • 16×20 – $18 / print
  • 20×30 – $23 / print

Once you’ve selected a size, if you wish to have prints made in a format other than regular photo prints, please select the format you desire below.  Pricing for the various upgraded formats are listed, but are approximate, and dependent upon size and materials.  Not all sizes are available in all formats.


  • Calendars – pricing dependent upon options selected (wall vs desk, size, etc)
  • Canvas prints – add approximately $40-50 to the selected size pricing
  • Framed paper prints – dependent upon the frame of your choice.
  • Metal prints – add approximately $25 to the selected size pricing
  • Paper prints (unframed) – no change
  • Photobooks – pricing dependent upon number of prints, size of book, etc
  • Wood – add approximately $20 to the selected size pricing

NOTE ON FRAMED PRINTS:  If you would like a framed print, please provide details about the frame you would like us to use.  The price of frames can range from relatively modest for simple wooden frames and pre-cut matting, to extremely expensive hand-built and hand cut frames & matting.

If you are able to provide a link to the specific frame you want, that is the best option.  If the frame cannot be bought locally and must be ordered & shipped (Amazon is preferred, and will keep your costs down, as it keeps my costs down), make sure to factor that into both time needed to process your order and cost.

For the time being, and for simplicity sake, payments will be accepted via PayPal




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